Why I wrote my new book – The Richest Doctor: A Modern Parable of Financial Independence

Today, April 18th is a big day in our world. First, it’s tax deadline day. Secondly, it’s the release date for my new book, The Richest Doctor.  

For the entire time Provident CPAs and Physician Tax Solutions has been in business, we’ve been helping physicians and high-income professionals keep more of their hard-earned money through proactive tax planning. 

Along the way, we learned some key truths that helped form a story that we felt needed to be told. That’s where The Richest Doctor was born. 

Physician clients we encounter were missing opportunities and blindly paying unnecessary taxes. 

It’s all too common for professionals to assume that they’ll have to pay a lot in taxes, and resign themself to that fact. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Just like the characters in the book, we can conduct a Strategic Blueprint using your last two tax returns and the answers to a questionnaire to find savings. From there, we help you with the first step outlined in The Richest Doctor – Develop a Written Plan. 

Clients we encounter make moves to try and keep up with the rat race, when really, a plan needs to be in place. 

When we meet clients for the first time to understand where they are at, it’s not uncommon to hear that they’ve treated themselves. We get it – going through residency and all that school, you deserve something nice once you’re stable. But we can help.  

The second and third steps in The Richest Doctor are Reduce Taxes and Control Cash Flow. We can help you understand cash flow, income statements and more. There are lessons to be learned here that could greatly influence your ability to reach financial independence faster than you thought. 


We work with doctors and physicians on proactive tax planning, but we have more to offer when it comes to playing the long game. 

After you start proactively tax planning and taking other key steps, you can really set yourself up for the long haul.  

In The Richest Doctor, we follow 4 physicians through two decades to see how the decisions they make with a proactive tax planner influenced their results. It’s amazing how small changes now can have big effects later. 

We hope you’re interested in picking up our new book, and looking at your own financial decisions by comparing your life to the four main characters of our parable. Then, we’d love to come along side and help you find the financial freedom you’re looking for sooner. 

To read the first two chapters of The Richest Doctor for free, visit www.therichestdoctor.com. 


David Auer