An engagement with Physician Tax Solutions covers 5 key areas; saving as much tax as possible, protecting what you already have, build for the future, preparing for retirement (or to just slow down), and being able to provide the impact you would like leave. Our ultimate goal is to have you strong, and equally strong, in each of these 5 areas. We put these 5 components together and call it our Strategic Physician SystemTM .

The Strategic Physician SystemTM Process provides a proven way we put all the pieces together, incorporating each of the model’s components in the right order to best strengthen you and your unique situation.

  • Strategic BlueprintTM– The first step is an engagement with us is our Strategic BlueprintTM. What you receive in our blueprint is our recommendations with a 5 year tax projection based off our recommendations, as well as a detailed description of what a long-term engagement with us would look like.
  • Onboarding – Once you decide to engage with us to implement our recommendations, we will begin the process of onboarding. We will start with gathering the rest of your personal and business information we did not receive in your Blueprint development. We will then introduce you to our Client Services Coordinator and any other team members that will be working with you during Implementation.
  • SPS Implementation– In Implementation we will begin executing on the recommendations we made in your Blueprint.
  • Quarterly Pulse– Our Quarterly Pulse is the most important component to our process. This is where we meet every 90 days to monitor and adjust your goals and objectives, set a new plan for the next 90 days, and solve the most important issues you have.