Our Team


David Auer

Founder / CPA, MS, PFS, CGMA, JD, LLM in Taxation

David’s futuristic vision of the industry pairs with a life of constant learning and improvement. He uses his mix of expertise areas to help clients find financial independence sooner.

Recently, he released the new book, The Richest Doctor: A Modern Parable of Financial Independence.


Davis Le

Tax Director

Davis has significant experience in tax and estate planning, as well as compliance. He has served clients in various industries, including small business owners and medical professionals. He has a passion for helping grow each client’s financial well-being.


Malavika Vinukonda

Client Services/Tax Manager

"Mal” is one of the liaisons between our clients and the tax team. She provides the information our tax team needs to complete tax returnsShe is efficient in delivering our services to clients and has a passion for customer support.


Angie O'Dea

Client Success Manager

Angie is usually the first face you'll see when working with Physician Tax Solutions. She strives to make our client experience spectacular by guiding clients through the onboarding phase and being a consistent point of contact.


Jennifer Johnson

Client Onboarding Manager

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Jennifer embraces a proactive approach to client success. She is always on the lookout for innovative ways to work smarter, not harder. Jennifer consistently identifies opportunities to enhance client experiences and drive tangible results.


Kim Bukhres

Client Service Manager

Kim is the newest member of our client service team. With more than 10 years of experience, she believes communication, transparency, and accountability make for the best client experience. 


Melody Wilder

Client Service Manager/Retirement Plan Specialist

Meet Melody, with 11 years of experience. She is ready to help her clients by optimizing IRS codes for their advantage and addressing retirement risks. She achieves success by delivering maximum value to clients and Provident. 


Torri Kallinen

Client Service Manager / MBA

Torri Kallinen, with 3 years of experience, directly impacts client experiences as a Client Services Manager. Through personalized assistance and efficient communication, Torri ensures positive interactions, employing a diverse skill set for success. 


Crystal Gonzalez

Legal Assistant

Crystal is responsible for the entity formation and other legal services that make your tax strategy work. A fan of motorcycles and video games, Crystal keeps the experience with Provident fun and friendly, while making sure your entities are setup properly. 


James Aguilera

Tax Manager

James is an exceptional professional who has dedicated his expertise to helping individuals and businesses navigate the complex world of taxes. Possessing a deep understanding of tax regulations and a passion for financial management, James has become a trusted advisor for clients seeking to optimize their financial situations.


Louis Bologna

Tax Manager / CPA, JD

Louis Bologna has 22 years of experience. His strategic guidance empowers clients towards financial success, fostering motivation through timely compliance. Louis builds trust by leading with integrity and fostering a collaborative culture within the team. 


Jake Wood

Tax Manager

Jake Wood's 7 years of experience allows clients to focus on their passions. Setting reasonable goals and clear communication, Jake achieves success through patience and collaboration with peers. 


Kevin Funderburk

Tax Manager

Kevin Funderburk's 12 years of experience creates value for his clients, fostering a creative environment and empathetic engagement. With a commitment to improvement and active listening, Kevin achieves success through continuous learning and a strong work ethic. 


Mary Dovel

Tax Manager/Financial Coach

Coming Soon


Jackson Frazier

Senior Tax Accountant

Jackson is one of Provident’s newest tax accountants and is known for his entrepreneurial spirit. Knowing that our clients often share that same spirit motivates Jackson to provide timely and accurate service for our clients’ peace of mind.


John O'Dowd

Senior Tax Accountant

John, our Senior Tax Accountant, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With his sharp analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail, John consistently delivers exceptional results in the field of taxation. John remains committed to delivering high-quality work in a timely manner.


Laurenz Manalili

Senior Tax Accountant

Laurenz is one of Provident's best and brightest accountants. Always willing to go the extra mile, Laurenz loves our clients and loves the ability to help them be successful through quality and thorough work. 


Beata Ligas

Senior Tax Accountant 

Meet Beata Ligas, with 2 years of experience. Empowering clients with financial education and tax-saving strategies for multigenerational wealth. Success achieved through tax law expertise, clear communication, and proactive financial planning. 




Accounting Manager

Rosio is our resident traveler, having visited 34 countries and counting. She’s no stranger to helping clients be successful and loves the proactive work she does to keep our clients pursuing financial freedom.


Jemie Beltran

Accounting Manager

Jemie has 5 years of accounting experience, and is a big part of our team. She believes trust and commitment make for the best partnerships between Provident and our clients. Great accounting makes for a better tax compliance process, and for Jemie, that work requires determination, patience and kindness. 


Alyssa Bio

Accountant /Bookkeeper

Alyssa is one of our newest team members, but in her short time has shown us that she loves celebrating small wins for herself and clients. She understands clean bookkeeping makes for even better decisions, and loves providing that to our clients. 


Glydel Gecana

Accountant /Bookkeeper

Glydel Gecana, with 6 years of experience, ensures clients receive accurate financial reports, aiding in informed decision-making. Her commitment and determination guarantee high-quality service delivery, earning client trust through dedicated efforts.


Jellica Candulisas

Accountant /Bookkeeper

Jellica Candulisas brings nearly 6 years of experience to our team. Her proactive and flexible approach leaves a lasting impression on clients, fostering strong and enduring partnerships. She achieves success through passion and resourcefulness in her work. 


Lynn Calip

Office Administrator

Lynn is our dedicated and skilled office manager, who plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of our operations. With her expertise and attention to detail, Lynn helps create a professional and efficient environment for both our team and clients.


Emily Auer

Human Resource Intern

Emily Auer brings fresh perspectives to our teamShe influences internal culture positively, aiming to extend this positivity to clients. Emily achieves success through encouragement and kindness, nurturing a supportive environment within the firm. 


Krystal Smith

Marketing Manager

Krystal received her marketing degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. She helps create social media content, client engagement pieces and much more. She's also a manager of our growing online communities.


Jeff Rivera

Web Development Specialist

Coming soon

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