Our innovative accounting model provides full-service tax preparation, documentation and proactive strategies to save busy professionals dramatically on their taxes. We do this through our month to month membership program that allows us to proactively act throughout the year to save you in taxes and allows you unlimited access to our team.

Becoming a Physician Tax Solutions Member means that you will have a team of professionals behind you; your own CFO team on retainer. The tax savings and asset protection benefits make strategic structuring an obvious decision for any savvy physician. All of your monthly membership fees are fully tax deductible and the accounting model means you can focus on medicine while our team focuses on saving and growing your money. Our goals are simple and aligned: We help our physician clients achieve financial freedom sooner so that they can make an impact in the world.

What our clients say.

“Everything has worked out just as you said that it would. You have my complete trust and respect… I have found your help to be a great blessing and financially you have saved me a boat load of money!”

Jeffrey B. Bond, MDER Physician

It has been the best financial move I ever made… Throughout the process, PhysicianTaxSolutions  has helped me every step of the way and has patiently answered the many questions I have had…”

Russell Workman, MD

The team at PhysicianTaxSolutions is very easy to work with, transparent and during all this craziness didn’t seem to skip a beat. This makes referring colleagues to PhysicianTaxSolutions very easy.

Murty Vuppala, MD