Navigating the Changes: 2024 Tax Updates

December 13 2023 | 4 pm cst


Serious Tax Help for Physicians

Our innovative accounting model provides full service tax preparation, documentation and proactive strategies to save busy professionals dramatically on their taxes.

Tax Compliance

Compliance is the act of actually filing your individual state and federal income taxes, along with an entity income tax filings.

Tax Planning

Our clients depend on our expertise to find and update proactive tax strategies to save thousands of dollars each year.

Retirement Planning

We love helping our clients take their tax savings and using that savings to build a tax-efficient retirement plan.

Keep More of What You Earn Our Strategic Wealth System

As a Physician Tax Solutions client, you'll have a team of professionals behind you. Our goal is simple - We help you achieve financial freedom sooner so that can enjoy retirement and leave a legacy.

This is a look at our Strategic Wealth System, as featured in our founder's latest book The Richest Doctor: A Modern Parable of Financial Independence.


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Get David Auer's Latest Book The Richest Doctor:
A Modern Guide to Financial Independence

If you are a physician seeking a better way toward retirement and financial freedom, The Richest Doctor is for you!

The new anecdotal work from Physician Tax Solutions' founder, David Auer, serves as a step-by-step narrative of how physicians and high-income professionals can become financially independent faster through proactive tax planning and proven investing methods.

The Richest Doctor follows four emergency room physicians after their residency.

Each physician works with a proactive certified public accountant, Will, to reduce their tax burden and use tax savings to grow their wealth. Reconnecting on a regular basis, the friends compare how their career decisions move them closer to financial independence and a “rich” legacy. Rich, in this case, means a robust life, caring for family and friends, and building wealth to accomplish important goals.

The Richest Doctor was published in April 2022 and quickly became the #1 New Release in Amazon's Taxation and Personal Taxation book categories.

Right now, you can get the first two chapters delivered to your inbox for free via website.


Keep more of what you earn,
and use it to reach financial independence faster.