Let Physician Tax Solutions take a look at your current strategy and diagnose weak spots and opportunities for increased tax savings. Our Strategic Blueprint looks back at 2 years of past taxes as well as your current goals, business entities, and tax strategy. If you don't save 5 times the cost of the Strategic Blueprint in your first year of taxes, we will refund the full fee. The Strategic Blueprint will show you exactly what you are missing, and how much you could be saving. It is the first step to joining ourĀ concierge financeĀ membership club.


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Becoming a Physician Tax Solutions Member means that you will have a team of professionals behind you; your own CFO team on retainer. The tax savings and asset protection benefits make strategic structuring an obvious decision for any savvy physician. All of your monthly membership fees are fully tax deductible and the concierge finance model means you can focus on medicine while our team focuses on saving and growing your money. Our goals are simple and aligned: We help our physician clients achieve financial freedom sooner so that they can make an impact in the world.


Keep more of what you earn

Our members typically enjoy returns on their membership fees of 5-10 times the tax-deductible cost of hiring us. Most physicians' tax preparers are doing little to no proactive tax strategy for their clients. If you would like to learn about our fees and the tax compliant strategies we employ, get your high value Strategic Blueprint started today.

We understand the 70,000 page tax code

Our team of experts are Certified Tax Coaches which is a special designation that fewer than 1% of tax preparers in the United States hold. We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes while you remain the CEO of your personal finances. We focus on protecting your hard-earned dollar and our services benefit physicians who earn largely 1099 income. Membership spots are in high demand and we screen our clients to make sure we are a good fit and can provide a serious value proposition.