Although we prefer to let you know most details about our services in person or over the phone, we can answer some questions right here. Contact us today to learn more and accelerate your path towards financial freedom.

How much do your services cost?

These are professional services created and implemented by professionals, for professionals. Our Strategic Blueprint is a one-time fee with a money-back-guarantee, and our Membership is tailored to our clients' specific needs and depends on the complexity of your situation and your current income level and source (% W2 vs 1099). We can explain more and give you a more granular understanding during your consultation.

How does the membership work?

Membership is month-to-month cancel any time. That means we constantly have to deliver value for you to stick with us. We are confident that we will do that. Typical members enjoy tax savings of 5 to 10 times their (tax-deductible) Blueprint and Membership fees. We offer ongoing IRS representation/audit protection for all members, although our audit rate is extremely low, and all of our strategies are fully tax law compliant and above board. Members must purchase a diagnostic Strategic Blueprint as their initial step, and be accepted to the membership program. Members can also take advantage of Retirement planning, Estate planning, entity structuring and locums/1099 negotiation.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 7 days a week and we are "on call" for our Members.

What are your tax strategies?

There are no secrets to our strategies and tax attorneys and Certified Tax Coaches have been using these tax law compliant strategies for decades. Savvy business people who are accustomed to taking financial risks typically structure themselves to protect income with the help of top professionals. During our presentation/free consultation, we can show you exactly how we implement the various strategies we employ. There are numerous strategies, and knowing these strategies is not enough to take advantage of them. Clients need the proper legal structuring and entity formation/maintenance to stay tax law compliant. We are a full-service tax preparation firm with advanced proactive tax planning strategies. Personal teams of CPAs/tax attorneys and Certified Tax Coaches can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up and are typically only available to the ultra-wealthy, until now. We are disrupting that model by making these services available in a membership model to hard-working physicians who make considerable income, but seldom have the structure or know-how to protect that income legally and ethically.

What are your locums tenensĀ negotiations all about?

We offer our members 1099 locums negotiations from our expert physician negotiator who understands the locums market. For members, we work on a contingency basis which we can explain to new members. We can typically negotiate $5-25/hr more for you, and if we cannot, you have nothing to lose.

What is the Strategic Blueprint Money Back Guarantee?

In order to become a Physician Tax Solutions Member, we will first need to assess your current tax strategy/situation and look at your taxes from the last 2 years to see how and where we can help you maximize your tax savings. If we cannot identify 5 times the cost of the Strategic Blueprint in tax savings in the first year that you purchase the Strategic Blueprint, we will refund the full cost to you. This second opinion is a treatment plan of sorts and helps you to plan for the future and keep more of what you earn.

Do you work for or speak to Physician groups?

Yes. Education about the tax code and philosophy of business and entrepreneurialism is the foundation for understanding the strategies available to businesses for dramatic and tax compliant savings. Please contact us today to learn more about hiring us to speak at your conference or present to your group.